Terms and Condition


Welcome to happydeals.ph! To proceed and have access to the platform, please read the terms and conditions carefully. The following statements and articles below shall be the parameters and rules in which you will abide by while using the platform. The use of the said platform will mean that you agree with these terms and shall be bound to the provisions stated herein. Should you disagree to any and all of the terms stated herein, do not use the platform. The use of the platform shall only be limited to those who have an account in which the account shall be protected by a password; which in turn serves as the security of the users. You may not attempt or successfully obtain access to the restricted parts of the platform and any content, information, copyrights, or any and all property of HappyDeals that is included in the website in general.


  1. Interpretation
    • All definitions and terms shall be interpreted as is unless otherwise defined herein


    • You agree to the terms of use, and all its provisions, guidelines, notices, rules, policies, etc., regarding the usage and access to the platform. HappyDeals reserves the right to revise the terms of use, and all its provisions, guidelines, notices, rules, policies, etc., from time to time and you are acknowledge that you are bound by these changes with or without prior notice
    • By agreeing with the terms of use, you also agree not to do or undertake the following:
      • Impersonate and misrepresent any person and/or entity or falsely represent yourself as a part, or an affiliate of an entity.
      • Use the platform for unlawful/ illegal purposes and motives
      • Hack part or the whole system of happydeals.ph, its computer systems, or any electronic platform and application associated with HappyDeals
      • Publish any prohibited content or materials on the platform
      • Hack another user of the platform; may it be the merchant or another customer
      • Input, publish, and upload any material that may potentially or intentionally harm the platform and HappyDeals in general. Viruses, corrupt data, or anything that may cause defect are strictly prohibited.
      • Use the platform in any other way not intended for its primary purpose; in accordance to the law
    • HappyDeals reserves the right to make changes in the platform from time to time with or without prior notice. These changes can be terminations, suspensions, upgrades, modifications, removals of any part of the platform. We also reserve the right to terminate or suspend your account without reason and without prior notice and may limit or completely restrict your access to the platform.
    • HappyDeals reserves the right, not the obligation; to:
      • Screen, cross reference, monitor, check, and control the content or material on the platform. HappyDeals may freely investigate and probe any conflict arising and may act as HappyDeals’ sees fit
      • Restrict, suspend, or terminate the access of the customer to any part, or the entire platform
      • File a complaint and report any unlawful actions that the customer (you) are undertaking. We may freely ask legal advice and take any legal actions should we find any violation with these terms.
      • HappyDeals may require the customer specific information upon request and the customer is likewise required to answer the said request along, along with its accompanying questions. Non-compliance with this request grant HappyDeals the right to suspect you of any damage or conflict that may arise and grants the right to terminate your access.
    • Any revisions and updated versions, made from time to time; of the material shall always be deemed as accepted and considered binding upon release or the date of change


  1. General provisions
    • Stated in this clause are additional, general provisions that you must also abide by and does not take away any liability that may arise
    • The website shall only be for those who have an account and those who are of legal age; in accordance to the Philippine law. Failure to abide by this section may be subject to suspensions or termination. If the customer is not of legal age, the customer must seek the consent of the parent or the legal guardian for the access to this site.
    • You acknowledge and will abide by the following general provisions:
      • The usage of the platform shall always be legal and for the intent of fulfilling a legal action
      • The information that the customer will publish shall always be true and correct. Should any revisions or updates happen, the customer is responsible for the necessary revisions or updates. The customer shall leave HappyDeals harmless should conflict arise and the customer acknowledges that the information given will be in the customers’ sole responsibility.
    • HappyDeals shall not have any responsibility with regard to the accuracy and truthfulness on the information or any material, or content that its merchants may publish
    • The prices stated in the platform shall always be VAT included unless otherwise stated. HappyDeals reserves the right to modify and change these prices from time to time without prior notice.
    • You acknowledge that the merchants are the third parties of HappyDeals and they are allowed to post products available for the customers to purchase. The customer therefore shall acknowledge that HappyDeals is not a part of these transactions and shall leave HappyDeals harmless of any potential conflict or damages arising from the said transactions.
    • Each voucher would have a specific expiration date; if the voucher be unclaimed before the expiration date, HappyDeals may not refund the voucher.
    • For perishable goods or goods having an expiration date, the Customer is entitled to reject the item should the expiration date be less than 6 months upon the receipt of the item. (This clause is subject the grounds of section 10.6)
    • Should the customer be prove that he/ she is entitled to a refund or return and the dispute is decided upon, HappyDeals shall respond accordingly and will refund the customer through the Customer Wallet, or giving a point to be credited on the customers’ next purchase, or however HappyDeals will refund the actual amount paid by the Customer.


  1. HappyDeals Customer Account
    • The activation and creation of the customer account shall require the customer to give personal data. Each account will be given their own username and password. The customer acknowledges that HappyDeals may require the customer to update their personal information from time to time; within the updates or any relation to the customers’ account, HappyDeals shall not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred.
    • The Customer is responsible for the account and shall keep any information associated with the account confidential; especially the username and password.
      • In any case that the account has been hacked or breached by any party, the customer must update HappyDeals immediately.
      • In case of any unauthorized action done by the customers’ account, HappyDeals shall deem it as authorized and will not be responsible by any action done while the customer account was hacked. HappyDeals shall be left harmless of any conflict or damages arising from the said circumstance under this section.
    • HappyDeals may disclose essential and confidential information should the government may need it for audit or any legal action.


  1. Intellectual property rights
    • All the content and materials published, and made available in happydeals.ph are owned by HappyDeals and its third parties. HappyDeals reserves the right to the laws regarding intellectual property rights.
    • Nothing in happydeals.ph may be extracted, copied, hyperlinked, republished, etc. Any content on the platform shall not be stored in a database or for the purpose of gathering information without consent from its rightful owners (may it be HappyDeals’ or its third parties) If allowed, any use of these actions shall not be for the purpose of commercial use and shall not be altered or edited in any way.
    • All content published in the platform shall be deemed as under the ownership of HappyDeals. Contents may not be used for any other purposes and may not be taken, copied, or extracted in the website.


    • HappyDeals will not be responsible for providing warranties and contents published are for information provision only.
    • HappyDeals will not assure the customer of:
      • The accuracy and completeness of any and all the contents published in the platform
      • The contents published are free from errors and defects
      • The materials and contents published on the website are free from viruses and harmful software, applications, etc.
      • The use of the platform and its security shall be at the customers own risk; regardless of any arising conflict with the general usage and provisions.
    • HappyDeals shall not be liable for:
      • The access, its limitations, suspension, or termination of access of the platform
      • Any content that has errors or defects; as you are responsible to verify its accuracy before doing any further actions
      • Credit Card fraud


    • All returns, refunds, and replacements must be in accordance to the procedures, rule, and guidelines made available in the happydeals.ph website. In order to facilitate a refund, a return, and a replacement, the Customer and the Merchant must come to an understanding; if an understanding is not met, the case will be subject to happydeals’ sole decision.
    • A customer may facilitate a refund, return, or replacement depending on the following circumstances
      • The content published by the Merchant in happydeals.ph is different from what the customer had received
      • The good is damaged before, and/or during transit or delivery
      • The good is faulty in general and cannot function as designed/ or for it’s intended purpose.
    • A customer may ask for a refund, returns, and replacements may be demanded by the customer should he/ she have a valid cause and if it is filed within 7 business days upon receipt of the item.


    • The customer acknowledges that HappyDeals may include hyperlinks in the platform for the purpose of advertising and promoting. The customer shall have the option to proceed to the published hyperlinks and shall be fully responsible for any further actions. The customer shall leave HappyDeals harmless of any harm or damages that relates to the said hyperlinks and any further actions before clicking the said hyperlink
    • HappyDeals has the liberty to put digital advertisments like pictures, digital banners, and promos promoting our merchants and other third parties. For advertising and promotion purposes, you shall not be fined for receiving any marketing announcements and notices.
    • The customer may, from time to time, receive emails regarding promotions with regard to the platform and its third parties. The customer shall have the right to block such emails.


  1. Privacy Policy
    • By creating an account, the customer acknowledges that you give HappyDeals your personal data without anything in exchange but the usage of the platform.
      • You hereby agree that you will not falsify any information and content that you will be publishing and submitting to HappyDeals
      • You hereby agree that HappyDeals may gather and use any information collected by HappyDeals done by any physical or electronic means.
      • You hereby agree that HappyDeals may disclose information to its third parties
    • HappyDeals will not use the customers’ personal information provided by the customer for illegal purposes and will comply to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA No. 10173) accordingly.
    • The customer may publish reviews and other contents on items that the customer have purchased; the said reviews and other contents may be used by HappyDeals for any purpose it sees fit (I.e., testimonials,). The customers’ reviews and other published contents may be freely edited, removed, and modified by HappyDeals.


  1. Termination
    • The customer acknowledges that HappyDeals may terminate the customers’ account without prior notice and without reason. The grounds for termination are (but not limited to): breach of this terms of use agreement, an illegal act, doing harm to HappyDeals and its third parties.
    • The customer may terminate these terms of use and its account by giving a seven day notice prior to the expected termination date proper.


    • HappyDeals shall be giving out notices to the customer in the form of:
      • Any type of print or electronically transmitted media
      • By sending a physical envelope; via mail, to your last known address and will be considered received and acknowledged upon the delivery of the said envelope.
    • HappyDeals shall, to its fullest extent and capabilities (but is not obliged to), respond to its customer’s notices and/or inquiries in a timely manner. The notice shall only be considered acknowledged by HappyDeals upon receipt of the said inquiry and/or notice.
    • Notices from the customer may be given to HappyDeals via email and through sending physically printed media to our address.
    • Notices and other forms of communication may be changed, added, removed, and modified by HappyDeals form time to time.
    • HappyDeals will be able to entertain customer calls during weekdays, 9:00am – 6:00pm only.
    • Upon receiving the item/ redeeming the voucher, the customer will have a 7 day lead time to complain and file a dispute. Any concern after such lead time is considered as forfeited and the customer should leave HappyDeals harmless of any and all damages.


    • All articles stated here in these term of use shall be superseded and under the provisions of the applicable Philippine laws.
    • HappyDeals will not provide waivers to its customers within these terms. Breach of the customer within these term shall entitle HappyDeals to take action to remedy and imply all the rights necessary in any way HappyDeals seems fit
    • Should any part of the contract be deemed illegal and inapplicable under the Philippine law, the specific ineffective provision shall not reflect on the whole contract. Such inapplicable part of these terms will not constitute to the whole contract.
    • Shall disputes arise, HappyDeals will not be a party of the transactions between the merchant and the customer. The dispute shall be settled between the customer and merchant only. The two parties will have 14 days to settle the dispute. Should the dispute be left unsolved within the given time frame, HappyDeals may have the right to mediate and decide who shall win the dispute and may require the losing party to take necessary actions to amend the losses
    • Should a dispute involve HappyDeals, it may seek the assistance of any higher legal governing entity to resolve such dispute in good faith
    • Should there be any updates, revisions, edits, etc., regarding these use of terms, HappyDeals shall give notice to the customer. Should the customer continue the use of the platform after the date was given, the customer hereby acknowledges and accepts the amendments done in these terms. Should the customer refuse the said amendments of these terms, the customer shall stop the usage of the platform and give notice to HappyDeals regarding the termination of the customers’ account
    • Any typographical errors or omissions done herewith shall have no liability and shall not arise to any conflict that may harm HappyDeals
    • All payments and any transactions including money shall be in Philippine Peso
    • Should these terms be translated and there shall be discrepancies made with this version and the translated version. This version (English version) shall be deemed superior
    • These terms of use shall supersede all prior agreements and that was made and these terms of use shall be deemed final
    • The customer acknowledges that all records (electronically or physical transmitted) shall be considered binding and may be documented to serve as proof should it be represented as such. The customer shall have no right to question the said records and documentations to any extent.
    • The customer acknowledges that HappyDeals will have third parties and HappyDeals will not be liable for its third party’s responsibilities, actions, damages, etc. and will be left harmless should conflict arise between the third party and another party that is not HappyDeals
    • The customer may not assign and transfer the rights granted herewith without approval of HappyDeals
    • The customer is entitled to the rights of Force Majure